Shop of the month

Our shop of the Month is San Diego’s Mission Beach Tattoo. This shop was opened in 1997 by Woody. Its still going strong all these years.. Walls adorned with hand painted flash honoring old traditions and….

100 Traditional rose tattoos

Everyone loves a good Traditional Rose tattoo but which style? Maybe we can help, in this resource we’ve selected some fine styles to help you choose a style.

artist of the month

This month we feature Matt Truiano out of New York. You can reach him at his website.

Video of the month

Heres a traditional eagle done by Mike santafe


is it infected?

From time to time we hear this question: Is it infected?

First off t’s easy to blame the artist.. ” Hey Billy over at Billy Bobs Tattoo fucked me up”.  But try looking in the mirror, thats because most of the equipment used today is single use. that means theres no way the artist infected you.. Most likely you infected yourself..If it is even infected at all.

Here’s some easy ways you probably infected yourself and not old Billy Bob.


You Probably didn’t clean it well. This is the most common way to get an infection, Remember when you’d skin your knee and put a bandaid on it? A Tattoo is an open wound that needs to be cleaned and kept clean.